1. When kids try to pull pranks
    My dears, I pulled the same shit on my subs, be original for goodness sake
  2. When the trouble makers don't think I know their names but the kids around them say it multiple times
    This way, I can make sure that they know I can always write their name down for the teacher. I almost never do. But sometimes, like today, they push it too far
  3. Being asked if I'm a student
    Sarcasm, but this crap is starting to get funny
  4. I literally have instructions and don't have to stress about planning a lesson.
    I can plan lessons and sometimes if all goes downhill, I've thrown one together to further explain a part of a lesson of kids are confused.
  5. The kids
    I get to meet new kids everyday and learn from them. Which sounds weird. But I learned more about learning styles subbing than I did in a classroom in college. That says something about my learning style I guess
  6. Paycheck
    I don't really like admitting I teach to get paid, but it helps. And it gives me a steady income without me worrying about unions and such