Inspired by @amieshmamie.
  1. Hermoine Granger
    Truthfully, the smarts and magic would be awesome, but I was mostly jealous that her hair became tamed. Also Ron Weasley ❤️ kidding. I've just always wanted to as confident as Hermoine was. She knew she was smarter than those who put her down (cough MALFOY) and was like yeah, I'll win in the end because clever beats all
  2. Jack Harkness
    Sass-tactic and hot af
  3. Barney Stinson
    He was his own dude and so optimistic. I wish I was as optimistic as him. Also dudes got game
  4. The Flash
    Because I'm forever leaving far too early. If I could wait till the last minute and run there, I wouldn't be that weirdo who is 30 minutes early
  5. Calvin
    I have far too many Calvin and Hobbes books. The child wonder in the stories makes me jealous and also flashbacks
  6. Samwise Gamgee
    He's honestly my favourite. His loyalty to his bros is amazing
  7. Amy Pond
    I didn't like that she was labeled as the "girl who waited" because while she waited, she still lived life, but always hoping the mad man in the box would come back (and he did and then she got to travel with him and Rory)
  8. Charlie Bradbury
    I've wanted to be her since she was in the show, and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ why exactly. I just liked that she was who she was and didn't gaf what people thought. Mostly because I wish I could be like that