Inspired by @stephaniehunt
  1. Being an adult
    I've tried it for a few years now, and I want out
  2. But in all seriousness
  3. Taylor Swift
    @ali_sewalt has tried so hard to make me love her again. I do like her music, but I don't love it, it's just not my thing
  4. Making a Murderer
    Probably because literally everyone who has seen it tells me how it ends and now I don't feel the need to watch it. I watched one episode and I usually get hooked but I didn't
  5. Contouring
    I envy people who can look amazing period. But I can't be arsed to even put the slightest of make up on some days. And when I am feeling the need to do make up, I do the bare minimum
  6. Kale
    I don't know how to explain this one. But if I here one more person suggest kale when we talk about clean eating, I'll cry.
  7. Running
    I know it's actually good for me, but my joints would disagree when they swell up when I run.
  8. Clubbing/ night life
    I'll go to a good pub or brewery any day. I sound like one of those annoying people, but I get worn out if I go out with tons of people or go dancing