I'm not a star but I got to be in a commercial today
  1. They changed the place and time 3 times
  2. They said I had to find a friend to be in it with me
    I have few friends I'd ask and they all were busy, because most people can't take a break for lunch to be in a commercial
  3. But I was pretty excited
  4. And they paired me up with a stranger
  5. I wasn't allowed to wear red
    About 80% of my wardrobe consists of red tops
  6. And had to dress fall-ish because it's coming out in the Fall
    Fall clothes in 85 degree weather is a blast
  7. The other girl just had powder put on her face
  8. It took them 10 minutes to make me look presentable
    I guess their definition of "casual make up" is all out made up
  9. Then the guy kept calling me Ellen
    So obviously I wasn't following directions because my name isn't Ellen
  10. And then I hit the table with my knee and spilled the coffee and one of the crew acted all agitated
    Like bro, I'm always clumsy and now add cameras and strangers and some guy calling me Ellen, you're lucky I didn't trip and push the entire table over
  11. Once it was over I bolted
  12. Now I gotta wait until it comes out to see how disgusting I look