Using "social outing" should give you a clue as to how little I go out
  1. Plan what I'm wearing that morning
  2. Build up my confidence by listing positive things about me in my head
  3. Think of the worst scenarios and how I could handle it
    I'd recommend skipping this step, but I also do it everyday
  4. Listen to calming music on the way home and while getting ready
    Also usually change my outfit fifteen times at this point
  5. Look in the mirror and do the wonder woman pose
    This works for me 9/10
  6. Listen to pump up music on the way there
    Queen B, JT, Fifth Harmony, whatever is on the radio at the time (usually 7 Years plays at least 10 times and I sing along)
  7. Get there and take a deep breath and tell myself to have fun
    I've done this out loud before and go spiraling into panic
  8. Have a blast and then crash