It's National Hug Day

So here's some of my favorite hugs
  1. A Voldemort hug is still a hug
    Some people thing I emanate this hug when I hug. They're not totally incorrect
  2. Horan hug
    How much I'd pay to be in that hug
  3. Doesn't need an explanation
  4. Baby hug
  5. This whole show was me being okay in co fused and then crying because friendships. This part. Like I bawled
  6. This might be considered a one way hug. But still.
  7. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ what exactly Marcus was doing but I love this hug
  8. With great binging comes great hugs
  9. Except the original that I can't find a still of. Goonies never say die.