1. Like when plans fall through and you get to stay home and in bed all weekend and no one can judge you
    Maybe I cried when they got cancelled because it was my one reason to get out of my house and be a social lady in her 20s, but I have to get over that
  2. Or when kids laugh at your jokes
    Adults think my humor is too dry or weird. But kids? They think I'm hilarious. Or maybe they're laughing at my stupidity. I'll take the former
  3. When a teacher I subbed for emails me to say thank you and to tell me the kids liked me
    I look for approval from everyone, including 7 year olds
  4. When I get to talk to people on this app
    So much better than real life because you guys are too cool for school
  5. Nice cup of tea when I get home
  6. When students I sub draw me pictures. Like this one. And how they struggle to spell my last name so I can post it everywhere and not fear being murdered
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