Ranging from a few tears to completely sobbing uncon
  1. Little Boy
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    This was closer to sobbing uncontrollably. I thought it'd be a movie to make me think. I thought only how sad it was and what the point of life was.
  2. You're Not You
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    Actual tear jerker
  3. Philomena
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    Such a good movie but heart breaking, especially when you know it's a true story. I probably should have written the summaries but the cry level is good I think
  4. October Baby
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    I just think movies that deal with real emotion and experiences make me cry. Who am I kidding, yesterday I cried to Tom Couglins press conference and I am not even a Giants Fan
  5. Listen To Your Heart
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    I haven't watched this in a while but I do know I was sobbing because of feels when I watched it
  6. If I Stay
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    I should have known with this one but alas, I watched it and cried for hours
  7. Remember Me
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    I saw this in school and I knew it would be bad to watch but come on, Rob Pattinson