1. No this happened for real
  2. I was in Clearwater I'm Florida
    There's a pier with shops and stuff
  3. So there was a Jack Sparrow imposter
  4. And my cousin wanted a picture with him
    And me, being the nice person I am said I'd go with her
  5. He asked our ages
    Julia (15) Got to strike his sword on the ground and make sparks
  6. He said he'd take me to my second prom and we did his prom pose
    Uncomfortable but bearable
  7. But then he talked about spooning
    Didn t get a picture. But he did the normal prom pose and got a little too close
  8. And then said "you know what happens when spooning goes wrong? A wedding?!"
    IN front my my grandparents he also said something about most dads getting their sons a hotel room
  9. I was about to say I was done
    Because he crossed the line and also the cop got kind of closer because he could probably sense I was about to punch this guy
  10. But he handed me a fake gun and I got to move away
  11. And then I ran away
  12. So next time I will say I'm 16
    They'll believe me because I've gotten 17 before when I ordered alcohol