In honor of being back on campus today.
  1. Probably not my only crush but definitely my biggest
  2. So I was working downstairs of the library and there were study rooms across from the desk
  3. And every Friday and Saturday I'd have to work
  4. But every weekend the same guy would come in to study
  5. By the 2nd week he started to wave when he came in so it wouldn't be super awkward to see the same person every day
  6. Finally he introduced himself. I think his name was Alex and he asked for a pencil and I gave him one
    I assumed this was just because I was working, my friends disagreed
  7. And then he started saying hello to me if we passed each other in the dining hall or hallways
    He was a lax bro so at first I thought he was saying hello to someone behind me
  8. And again I was clueless
  9. Finally I realized maybe he wanted to be friends
  10. And then one day he asked for index cards and I had some in a pile that were used and so I didn't have any and I said sorry and he said no problem
  11. And then my boss switched my hours so I only saw him in the hallway once and while
  12. He still said hello
  13. But then he graduated and I never saw him again
  14. But I still think about our awkward interactions a lot