Thanks for bringing me back to list for a little
  1. Here it goes
  2. Mumford and Sons
    Last thing I shared with my brother and have helped me through a whole lot
  3. Backstreet Boys
    Will always be a Backstreet Boys fan
  4. Ed Sheeran
    I know opinions vary on him but he's one of my top 10
  5. Coldplay
    Not even being sarcastic. I used to jam to these guys all the time
  6. Ray LaMontague
    Probably spelled his name wrong. His voice is just perfect. He's coming to my hometown on my sisters wedding day so maybe he'll stop by
  7. Nathaniel Rateliff
    Love his new sound and the night sweats but his old stuff is amazing. Oh wow I sound like one of those people
  8. Flagging Molly
    Irish rock. Enough said
  9. The Dunwells
    They have a song named Elizabeth and my friend once had them right "liz, you're right, the song is about you" and I still cry
  10. Cry Monster Cry
    Small Irish band. Love their sound
  11. There's probably so many more that I'm blanking on. Music is my escape so I love all types and new bands man
  12. James Blunt
    Thank you @veshecco for reminding me 😊