And my last because it was unnerving
  1. I had my first Facebook debate last night
  2. I'd say it was because it was a trump supporter and he was bashing Hilary for stupid reasons
  3. But the real reason was that he's commented on my cousins posts for the past month basically criticizing her for supporting Hillary
  4. She's 16
  5. He's 52
  6. Also he had terrible grammar and kept using the wrong "their" and I cracked
  7. I commented Obama 4ever
    Like the adult that I am
  8. And he responded with "so you're okay with refugees moving next door"
  9. I'd like to call on John Mulaney to answer that
  10. "That's not what I was telling you, but alright, let's talk about this entirely new topic"
  11. I have no problem with the US accepting refugees.
  12. But what I did have a problem with was that he was attacking my cousin for her opinions on her personal Facebook page
  13. I'm not saying public comments on posts are okay to belittle
  14. But if I post something on my wall, it's my opinion
  15. And you're free to share your opinion
  16. But don't you dare think that if you say my opinion is wrong in the process of declaring your support for someone, that I'll be okay with it.
  17. Because that's exactly why she might support Hilary
    So we can have a voice
  18. Also he brought up a story about his pal who met HRC and said she was rude like 6 times
  19. Get a different story to back up your opinion bro
  20. I'm done. I just am still on an adrenaline rush from stating my opinion publicly and coming out on top
  21. He apologized to her and I and it was awesome
  22. Giphy