Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. In grammar school I got braces very young because my teeth were whack
  2. So I was one of the first ones in my grade (I think 3rd?)
  3. And so I started going to the nurse after lunch to brush my teeth
  4. And then my friends came with me sometimes
  5. And then the nurse and I started the Toothbrush club
  6. And somehow the local news heard about it and came to do a piece on it
  7. I had to talk about why I did it and how I hoped to continue it throughout school
  8. Then I went to Irish dance the night it aired and everyone kept making a huge deal out of it
  9. I was so embarrassed because I'm not one to want to talk to people
  10. And it was because I brushed my teeth
  11. Anyway that's my five minutes of fame
  12. I was on local television brushing my teeth and then lying saying I'd continue it until 8th grade
  13. When in reality I stopped in like 6th
  14. The end