Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. So junior year
  2. I got super sick and was on the couch for about two months
  3. I was on all types of meds to help with the side effects of other meds
  4. One of the meds was steroids
  5. So I was very swollen looking
  6. But I went back to school and pretended I didn't notice
    But went home and saw myself in a mirror and cried a whole lot
  7. My friend was going with a kid she knew from grade school and he had a friend that wanted to go
  8. So I asked him
  9. He wasn't judgemental of my looks so that was cool
  10. He was super nice
  11. he danced with everyone else at the dance
  12. Which was fine
    My joints were still achy so dancing wasn't fun
  13. He was super sweet the entire time
  14. Next morning we all went to a theme park
  15. And I really never saw him again
  16. Senior year prom isn't a good story.
    But fun fact: I went with an exchange student from Finland and he sent me a post card when he went home. It was just the cutest. I still stalk his Facebook a lot