Couldn't help me in a Taken situation
  1. Not puking when I see kids puke
    This is a recent skill because I feel like I'm going to puke when I even think about puking (I don't think about puke often) but a girl in the class I was subbing literally puked right next to my foot and I was an adult and took care of her.
  2. Using quotes from movies or shows at least once in every conversation
    I've been told this is annoying. But I usually respond with "are you not entertained?!" And that's how I lose friends
  3. Dealing with shitty customers
    Smile and nod is my go to.
  4. Calming anxious people in stressful situations
    Mostly kids. Who are freaking out. I have felt that AHHHHHH feeling myself so I just pretend I'm calming myself down and then add a joke to make the kids smile. Mission accomplished
  5. Filling pots with dirt
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    Exhibit here
  6. I think I'm getting a bit better at lists
    Still have that grocery list in my drafts if I ever need it
  7. I will find you. And I will give you a high five.