Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Dochas
    Gaelic word meaning "hope". Almost got this as a tattoo but chickened out. Still one of my all time favorite words
  2. Neart
    Another Gaelic term once planned to be a tattoo meaning strength. Still a possibility. I like the way it resembles "heart"
  3. Always
  4. Parabola
    I'm terrible at geometry and math in general but I always loved this word and the concept of a parabola
  5. Serendipity
    Might be self explanatory. Cool word, awesome meaning
  6. Discombobulated
    This has been in my top ten most used words since I was like 10. I used it too much in year 10 that my family made me look up synonyms of it, though nothing quite worked as well as this
  7. Solitude
    Sometimes solitude is what I need in life to unwind from... Real people
  8. Effervescence
    No connection to the meaning of the word (bubbles in a liquid) but how cool is this word
  9. Timshel
    "Thou mayest" in Hebrew. Loved East of Eden and also the song titled "Timshel", so it makes my top ten
  10. Saoirse
    Last Gaelic word. My sister has this as a tattoo on her wrist and it means "freedom" don't really like it because of the meaning, it's just a beautiful word