Not a real job, i just help edit a friend's blog (because I go over board with grammar)
  1. So every week she sends me her blog post and I check for grammatical mistakes
    English is her second language so I college I'd read her papers because she was nervous about English conventions that she sometimes forgets. And then it just continued after graduation
  2. Every now and again, I add something like a pun or joke to see if she catches it
  3. She always texts me when she reads it over and then when it's posted all my jokes are gone
  4. But lately she's been keeping some commentary in
  5. Here's some examples just because
  6. The Snapple Cap commentary
  7. She made macaroons and I am 30% sure I stole "Mac-Romany" from a food pun joke
  8. Latest commentary
    Because who doesn't go to the stores the 15th to get great deals on sweets... For myself...