1. Wow these kids are chatty.
  2. I guess i can assign be optional essay to let them I mean business
  3. They don't care
  4. How do they not run out of things to say
  5. Oh now this kid is singing Adele
  6. Wait wasn't that kid just sitting across the room?
  7. Should I just sit here and give them the evil eye
  8. Apparently that only works on the younger kids
  9. Now that kid is closer to me
  10. This little shit is pulling a prank
  11. I don't think anyone has put that much effort in a sub prank
  12. Oh hey other teacher, I have no control over this class
  13. The kid is over there again
  14. I'm going to say something
  15. I'll wait until he does it again
  16. Shit, they're twins
  17. There's two of them
  18. And they haven't moved ever
  19. I'm an idiot
  20. Some kid just called another dipshit
  21. No, I'm the dipshit
  22. Well, they talked but they got their work done
  23. Win for me
  24. I still can't believe they're twins
  25. And it took me 15 minutes
  26. I've seen this class multiple times in the morning.
  27. How have I not noticed there's twins
  28. Lunch time