1. Was supposed to leave at 9am. This was where we were at 10:30
  2. Slept until we got to the Pennsylvania/NY border
  3. Why I love car rides
  4. Got lost 3 times trying to find where to park for the Duquesne Incline
    It was so worth the view
  5. Went on a tour of the city on a duck
    It's a bus that turns into a boat. Like what
  6. Learned that are 445 bridges in Pittsburgh. Which explains why we got lost
  7. This is a building made entirely of glass. How cool is that?
  8. And then it was bed time because we had a big day
  9. And then it was Jimmy Buffett
  10. Time for Jimmy!!
  11. Static
  12. Went across the way to the busses and had my first shot-ski. Well a shot-snowboard
    And my not so first panic attack
  13. Then I crashed hard
  14. This morning was IKEA DAY
    I'm very frugal but once I walk into IKEA there's no stopping me
  15. And now the long journey home