Inspired by @natienat3693 and multiple others
  1. January
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    These two ladies with me are my rocks. I worked with them for years and since we saw each other every day, we decided being friends was a good idea. I don't have tons of friends back home, but these two have always been there when I needed a night out or a night in and a movie night
  2. February
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    Niagara Falls froze over in the immense cold of Buffalo and my family and I went to see the beauty of it. These are my three sister (okay one is my sister) and the other two are my sisters from other misters
  3. March
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    I went up to Penn State for "state pattys day" aka a night to get really drunk around the campus in honor of Saint Patrick (Buffalonians are really good at this)
  4. April
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    We got a cement floor at work and the three of us girls decided what better way to never ever leave the place is to write our names in cement.
  5. May
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    I stole my friends gown (because it was a lot of money) and took a bathroom selfie to make my graduation from college official
  6. June
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    For my birthday, I got myself tickets to the Gentlemen of the Road tour to see Mumford and Sons. It was a long trip to New Jersey but seeing all those bands like Dawes and Alabama Shakes was so worth the drive. Best Treat Yo Self Birthday gift ever
  7. July
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    I went on a camping and hiking trip with my family and woke up to this view out of my tent. I admit the next day I was worse for wear and hated life, but I loved hiking through the hills and falling down a hill
  8. August
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    Okay so maybe these two and I spend too much time together. But this was a lovely selfie taken at a night dedicated to eating good food from food trucks and it was a nice end to my summer
  9. September
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    BEST NIGHT OF SEPTEMBER My friend and I got free tickets to One Direction and I might have cried but I won't admit it
  10. October
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    Dwight Shrute and Jake from State Farm are good friends in real life. Actually, Jake photo bombed this picture and we didn't know him
  11. November
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    First post grad visit to my college and this sunset was beautiful but my shotty photography skills ruined it
  12. And December
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    I haven't done much this month, but I did make taper candles with bees wax. So there's something to post about
  13. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone!