I started from season 1 and I'm in too deep
  1. Gibbs
    The dry sense of humor and duty to not only his country but his people is amazing and mark Harmon isn't ugly
  2. Abby
    She's just so badass and smart. She knows her stuff and doesn't hide it. She also is her own person and doesn't care when people think she's odd.
  3. Kate
    From the get go I liked her. She's good at what she does and doesn't let others' views of female agents stop her from kicking arse. I know what's coming but I won't let her go just yet
  4. McGee
    Just plain adorkable. I wouldn't be able to put up with Tony's constant pranks, so props to him for doing so. He also really cares about his job and does it well. Side note: was like the Neville longbottom of NCIS tbh
  5. Ducky
    I don't even know where to start. He's Gibbs' closest confidant. He puts so much into his job and cares about the victim and his team members. Also his stories remind me of my Grandpa
  6. Tony
    He's not last because I can tell he does truly care about the entire team and his job. His inability to recognize Kate as more than just a female in the beginning episodes really bothered me
  7. Fornell
    I know he's kind of a good guy in the end, he just rubbed me the wrong way