I'm only on the second book, so these people may or may not be around still or still as good as I think they are
  1. Hodor
    Doesn't say much, but he is a good worker
  2. Jon Snow
    The whole heart/head battle that's going on just makes me think he'd be a good teammate.
  3. Arya Stark
    She acts before she thinks at times, but she never lets fear get in her way, I like that
  4. Tyrion Lannister
    Yeah yeah, he's not a great dude, but he acts on thought and knowledge. Also he's the only morally secure one in the entire family (also sassy af)
  5. Maester Aemon
    Him and the Old Bear seem like pretty good leaders. From the books, I just think they'd be good to have to lead the team in the right direction
  6. Sam Tarly
    He is just such a good friend to everyone and is completely honest. He might be a craven, but I'd want him next to me
  7. The Bull
    He's only been in a few chapters so far but he seems like a good person to trust to have your back
  8. Ser Cavos
    Okay I just finished his chapter in the book and don't know much about him but he would do anything for Stannis, including telling him when he's making a mistake, that's something we can all use
  9. Idk what kind of team this is, and there's probably people I'm missing