I am very bored and Disney channel and whiskey isn't cutting it anymore
  1. Brothers friend... Let's call him Tom
    Lasted probably 8 years until a few years after my brother passed away that he thought of himself as a brother of mine now. It was a rough month but he's a cool dude and I don't mind calling him a brother
  2. Brothers friend... Doug
    Lasted only a few months, he was his roommate. He dated my cousin after my brother passed and I have up. Also a nice dude and I call him a buddy now and his gf is a sweet heart and cool to hang out with
  3. Officer Ed
    Does parking at my second job during summer (people don't actually know how to park so he ensures safety) he's probably my dads age but I don't actually care. He's such a bro.
  4. "Dan"
    Went to grammar school with him. Our parents joked since we were little that we would marry each other. Unbeknownst to me, his parents also told him that. Dope. Anyway, we've started hanging out more because we both hang out with our parents to get free beer. He's super nice and I refuse to admit it to my parents, but I might have a small crush on him. Bad news, he just moved to NYC for a job