Because @ali_sewalt makes subtle attempts me encourage me to rejoin
  1. I was on it because I am always up for good conversation
  2. Also the bios on some of them were golden
  3. Bathroom selfies and fish holding pictures are also golden for a good chuckle
  4. If someone messaged me at 2am and asked me what I was doing I wouldn't get creeped out, I'd take a picture of a scene from Dexter and send it
  5. And then they'd be the ones creeped out and I would be able to watch Netflix in peace
  6. One day I saw a person I matched with out in public and we made awkward eye contact because neither of us knew why the other looked familiar
  7. I matched with a friend of my brothers that I had a crush on Freshman year
    It ended with him letting me know when teaching jobs came available. So obviously we had a strong connection
  8. Was asked in a judgmental tone if I was on in seriously
    Which usually would make me say yes and I love it. But it caused me to reevaluate all of my decisions in life
  9. It just got too real
  10. And the last straw was someone calling me terrible names because I didn't answer him. it had been about an hour. So clearly he was not scary