Richard Ayoade Reaction Pics for Every Occasion

Inspired by @franksars I've been binge watching all things BBc and I had the day off so why not
  1. When you're just a person from England
  2. When someone responds with a "no" with no explanation
  3. When it's easier for someone to just call you because the essay texts are hard to read
  4. When someone tells you something you really really didn't want to know or have an image of
  5. When someone lets you know that you're weirding them out
  6. When someone asks you what your favorite things are
  7. When you're texting or talking to your crush and your friend asks how it's going
  8. When someone asks if you watched the Super Bowl or if you're excited for Super Bowl Sunday
  9. When someone asks what's wrong
  10. When someone asks what you're doing over the weekend
  11. When you're trying to be there for a friend who broke up with someone. But then she starts reminding me you're not one to give advice because your current record of relationships is 0
  12. When someone gets added the a group chat
  13. When a friend who stays out till 4am asks if you want to go out this weekend
  14. Just really any occasion of gossip