Will update while I continue binging because my jobs a joke and I'm broke
  1. He's mopey
  2. Even when he has Rachel he is mopey
  3. He's rude to his ex wife and her wife
    I kind of get it that he was hurt but he doesn't let it go
  4. He tells Rachel she couldn't get a tattoo
  5. His reaction to Rachel having a friend is pathetic and angers me
  6. His getting angry that she had to work made me mad
  7. And then he still didn't get that her career took precedent over his whiny ass
  8. In rewatching this show and hating him more every episode
  9. He acts like a 5 year old when Rachel returns his stuff
    Scratch that, I have kinderfriends that would act like and adult
  10. Okay, Ross one a point when he stayed with Rachel when she broke her rib
    But I still don't trust him
  11. The first thought he has is Emily dumping her career and moving to the States with him
    If he said he could move there I'd be better
  12. Update: I forgot he had a son in the US so I give the previous one a nevermind
  13. He basically tells Emily now or never but when she says the same thing he throws a fit
    He's all "me,me,me"
  14. The Biggie: he calls Emily "Rachel" on the alter
    And is shocked it didn't go well
  16. He joins Elizabeth on spring break because he doesn't have trust. But he wants everyone to trust him
    I actually watched like 9 episodes without adding to this list and he ruined f
  17. He yells at Kiefer Sutherland
  18. He doesn't like ice cream
    This should be at the top of my list
  19. Literally thinks he's the smartest dude and talks down to his friends but can't name 50 states
    I couldn't either but I admit I'm dumb
  20. Doesn't believe Rachel can raise a baby alone even though she is strong and doesn't need his over bearing controlling personality
  21. He calls it "my baby" like a billion times but it's Rachel's or "our"
    It's just getting on my nerves
  22. Rachel can't date because Ross might cry but he goes out with Mona quite quickly.
    Just because Rachel is carrying a baby
  23. Side note: Rachel got flowers from Joey (I only awwwed once) and she didn't cut the bottom to help them soak up the water
  24. Back to Ross: his ego just irks me
  25. The whole naming thing
    I am so glad he wants to be a part of the baby's life and be there for Rachel, but he gets so angry about her wanting to know the gender and her ideas for names. It's her kid too and that kind of irks me
  26. He won me back by wanting to be there for Rachel and being genuinely hurt when he couldn't be there
  27. But then he told Joey to go for it, but got upset. Even when Joey says he will get over it.
    I know why he's upset but he told him to go for it because he thought it was some other guy, as if the other guy wouldn't be hurt
  28. No but his fake engagement story stole my heart He's getting back points slowly
  29. Still winning points by helping Rachel get ready and help her stick up to her mom
  30. The whole Sandy thing. He assumes he's gay/ bi which is wrong on so many levels and plus we all know he was going to say something other than king when he said "it'll be like a woman being a.."
  31. I admit Joey says the same thing. But we all know joeys Joey so I never take it seriously