Saint Patrick's Day Is Coming People!

I don't know, I was looking for a tbt St Patrick's Day post and I just thought I'd make a list
  1. Here's my sister and I, looking so badass in our fake hair and matching dresses
    Fun fact. My sister had dark brown hair but used my old wig when my head got too big. I only wore it a few times so it wasn't gross. But anyway, it looked silly sometimes with her bangs out
  2. My hair turned red in Ireland
    I got strawberry blonde put in my hair before I went across the pond. But in ever picture it looks like I dyed my hair strawberry blonde. Stereotype? Maybe, but I insist I'm meant to be a red head
  3. My sister and I again at one of many Irish parties in Buffalo
    We, as a city, take Saint Patrick's Day festivities very seriously. Also, my eyes in the top picture pop don't you think?
  4. And finally. Here's me as a child in the beginning of my blooming Irish Dancing career
  5. During "Act My Age" they made the Irish flag with the dope lights
    I cried a little