You thought you were safe from my Saint Patrick's Day posts
  1. Complaining about how my mom forced us into Irish Dancing when we were young
    The big parade in our city is super fun if you hadn't spent your first half of your life dancing down the streets and not in the crowd enjoying it
  2. First Ward Parade
    When the Irish first came over, most families settled in the area called the Ward. And families still live there and if you go to the parade, you're bound to know someone or be related to someone. Also less crowded than the big parade and have a Dyngus Day part of the parade too which is cool
  3. Decking out in as much green as possible
    Picture to come. I take this seriously
  4. Green beer
  5. Hangovers
    This isn't a tradition for me really. But yelling to people with hangovers is a tradition for me
  6. Corned beef and cabbage
    Again, not specific to us, but once a year I eat this and that's it
    As much as I can eat to be honest