Scrubs Reaction gifs

I need to come up with other list ideas but this are just too fun. Oh and I'm binging Scrubs far too into the school year
  1. When you are with your friend who adds to another friends story but it doesn't make a lot of sense
    *im usually the person who adds something*
  2. When someone says something that makes you question everything
  3. When it's Monday
  4. When you see your friend who you haven't seen in forever
  5. When you're very angry with someone but they're talking to someone but you want them to know what's up
  6. When Turk is afraid of loving you and you need to know why
  7. When you finally accept a hug from someone and it just feels right
  8. When it's October 1st
  9. When a friend isn't sure about something and you got their back
  10. When you see people in the news who feel the need to be complete asswads and forget that every human being is just that and find it acceptable to use stupid insulting metaphors to describe human beings
  11. When people won't get out of your lobby
  12. When you try to hide that you're into HP but your scar hurts
  13. When you drift off during a conversation and imagine something happening that will never happen. Ever
    I'm still waiting for a rich person to see my crippling debt and offer to pay for it