Different takes on the original plays that I thought were interesting. In honor of Bill's possible birthday
  1. She's the Man
    Okay not technically a play totally, but it is based on Twelfth Night, so I count it. It's a fun take on the play( I tried to find the "be not afraid of greatness" speech quote but no luck")
  2. The Lion King
    Obviously gotta make top 5. I just always thought this was a great view of Hamlet that could be enjoyed by both children and adults
  3. 10 Things I Hate About You
    I feel like my explanations are repetitive. I just loved this, and I liked the movie before I became a lit major and had no clue of all the connections to The Taming of The Shrew
  4. Hamlet (Ethan Hawke Version)
    But the whole concept of a kingdom to a corporation is amazing. And let's be real Hamlet angst was well done by mr Hawke
  5. Hamlet (Mel Gibson)
    Only saw for class but I liked that it differed from previous takes on the story
  6. Hamlet (Kenneth)
    Again, just liked analyzing all the aspects the director had different thoughts on the original play
  7. MacBeth
    I think this was a TV show, and I barely watched any but Patrick Stewart is amazing
  8. Romeo and Juliet- West Side Story
    Only watched sections for Lit classes but I liked the role of the play in the story