Star kid Reaction Gifs

Ringing in the new year the way I do. Also went on a Starkid spree after watching their new video
  1. When your friend doesn't answer you for a few hours/days
  2. When you meet someone who thinks and acts like you
  3. The reaction you get when you proudly tell people that you got sorted as a Hufflepuff
  4. When you didn't get accepted into Hogwarts but your second choice school is on Mars
  5. When you're eating chocolate at the gym and a girl walks by eating healthy and runs a mile
    Completely joking. If I had half the motivation girls do at the gym, I'd actually be on the machines more. Those people are my goals
  6. When someone insults your role as a Hufflepuff, but you're a particularly good finder
  7. When you have a great idea and you're proud of it and won't let anyone tell you it won't work
  8. When you finally crack the code of what links all of Marvel and DC together
  9. New Years Eve in a nutshell
  10. Testing out pick up lines for Tinder like
  11. When you just need a buddy
  12. When your friend needs a pep talk on a bad day
  13. Describing Chuck Norris to someone or Bernie
  14. When your friend and you just go out on the town
  15. When your parents give you a pep talk about your life
  16. Advice in your high school year book