1. 76% of people ask if there are any sales
  2. 26% of people ask why we don't have veggie plants
    Umm its August is the only response I can give
  3. 45% of people ask me if I work here
    Usually when I'm sweeping or watering
  4. 90% of the reason I got the job was because I love being out doors
  5. 74% of the time I'm inside organizing displays or dealing with customers
    See previous bullet
  6. 80% of my pay check from this job is going to fund a trip to Ireland I'm seriously considering
  7. 20% of this pay check and 80% of the other jobs' check goes to loans
  8. 100% of me would rather be in air conditioning
  9. 30% of my customers in the last hour asked me if it was "warm enough"
    It's 90 degrees and the humidity is actually making me ill, but you should go into stand up