Tattoo Ideas 📂

I couldn't decide whether to delete this or not.
  1. I've been planning this tattoo for the longest time
  2. 6 years to be exact
  3. And I can't decide
  4. So it'll never be done
  5. But these are all ideas I'd like on my wrist so I can cover for work
  6. "Hope" in Gaelic
  7. Reminder to myself that I need daily
  8. Kind of want a semicolon thrown in
  9. Just these or "all was well" and this all on one wrist
  10. "One step at a time" in Gaelic. This was my April Fools joke a few years back, but actually really want it if I wasn't told foot tattoos wear off quickly
  11. One of my favorite songs and s very good tip
  12. "Footprints" was on my brothers prayer card and it always makes me think