1. Shook
    "Everyone was shook" I think it's a synonym for shocked?
  2. Lit
    "This party is lit". Is it like "on fire?"
  3. Dope
    "Yo this stock is dope" (actual sentence said by a 8th grader doing his stocks project. Guessing it means super cool?
  4. Dab
    Though when I found out what this was and a kid dabbed in school I said dabbing was not allowed and he was... shook?
  5. Savage
    "Christie Teigen's tweet was savage". What?
  6. Woke
    "Stay woke". Like awoke? Or awake?
  7. Fam
    "What's up, fam" I don't even know you bro
  8. Extra
    "She's so extra". Like paying extra for guac?