1. Say sorry too much
    Like when someone tells me to stop saying sorry, I say sorry.
  2. Cry at books, movies, really anything
    I was reading a book the other day and was bawling. And then today I was watching a Pantene commercial about football players doing their daughters hair and telling them that "strong is beautiful" and o literally lost it
  3. Post lists
    I love this app more than basically any app. But I over post. And I think I over do it on the commenting
  4. Over react
    Sometimes my stress builds up and then I snap
  5. Have anxiety attacks over simple things
    Like making eye contact with people at the gym. They probably don't notice it. But in my head I'm thinking "am I doing this wrong?" "Lib, you can't possibly be walking wrong, chill". "I'm walking the wrong way, I just know it"
  6. YouTube addict
    But I just discovered "send to all" with Michael McIntyre and I've rewatched them ten times each
  7. Pin
    I'm a Pinterest addict
  8. Plan diets and work outs
    And then sleep
  9. Put myself down
    Because I'm fucking awesome. Most of the time