These lists are just getting annoying eh?
  1. My imaginary proposal
    Favorite one so far is he takes me to a hockey game and I get to ride on a zamboni and then I get off and he's behind me after skating up and he gets down on his knee and pops the question. I woke up and I have never felt so alone/hopeful all at the same time
  2. My own classroom
    No joke I had a dream about my classroom having only two different themes in each dream: Doctor Who (signs would have a Dalek and say "Ed-u-care") and Harry Potter (so many ideas)
  3. Meeting someone famous
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    And being buddies with them. Mostly hockey players to be real honest. Like Marcus here, I've been buddies with him in multiple dreams
  4. Just finding things that make me happy
    Then I try to find these things in real life. Still looking