1. Started working in another school district that is closer to home
    And making sure to say hello to the secretary (and everyone) in the morning so they know I'm a morning person
  2. Met so many amazing people on this app
    Some of whom I now stalk on twitter just to get their thoughts on two different platforms
  3. Set my goal of working in Boston next year
    Still taking baby steps to achieving this goal
  4. Planned a trip to Ireland
    When I say plan I mean I look at flights every day and then my bank account hoping it'll balance out soon
  5. Became much better to public speaking and working up my confidence
    I don't need alcohol to talk to guys anymore, for the most part
  6. Was asked to be a maid of honor by my sister
    And wrote a speech on list
  7. Read the HP series again
    So now it's tat time I guess
  8. Finished East of Eden
    Just look at the years on this thing and try not to hate me (I did read books in between these years)
  9. This list had made me aware of how little I really accomplished in the past year. Hopefully next year for my 2nd listbirthday I'll have more bullet points
  10. But thank you all for making me laugh, cry, and sometimes not know which emotion I'm feeling, with your lists