1. Back story: I was teaching the basics of multiplication like groups of 5 so the book told me to show them each finger is "5" so five groups of five would be five fingers up and then skip count by 5s
  2. The kids were pros
  3. But I still had to teach everything so the kids who were pretending to get it got it
    I pretended to get it
  4. So we did examples and one was 8 groups of five
  5. So we all put up 8 fingers
  6. And then counted each one and put it down
  7. Well I
  8. Accidentally left up my middle finger because I use the middle, pointer and thumb when I show three
    I've been yelled at by everyone that that's the wrong way to do it, but in sign language the three uses those three.
  9. Anyway I realized it too late and then moved on quickly
  10. Hopefully they didn't go home and be like Ms R was back today and she flipped the bird!