1. Go to Tim Hortons
    This is always number one in my book when people visit
  2. Go to Canalside
    During the summer: concerts,kayaking, etc. During the winter: ice skating, ice bikes, curling, etc
  3. Sports games
    Summer: Bisons. Fall/Winter: Bills, Sabres and Bandits. Warning: we're a drinking town with a sports problem
  4. Niagara Falls
    Technically, this is in Niagara Falls, NY, but a 30 minute car ride never hurt anyone
  5. Wings, wings, and more wings
    I'd recommend Duff's or Anchor Bar, but you can really find killer wings anywhere
  6. Night life
    Most bars stay open until 4am, because why not? (There is actually a reasonable explanation for this)
  7. Canada
    This makes sense once you realize how close we actually are to Canada
  8. Parks
    Olmsted parks are fantastic and scattered throughout Buffalo and the surrounding areas
  9. East Aurora
    This town has everything: stop signs every other street, a cute store called "Vidlers" and other cute shops and cafes. The town is in a Christmas movie, "A Prince for Christmas" that was just a fun fact but it is super pretty in the winter
  10. Snow
    During the winter, there's a beautiful layer of snow, besides last year, when there was multiple feet of snow and no one was super happy