1. I unfortunately did not attend a march yesterday for a number of reasons
  2. But I applaud all of you listers and the other 1.5 billion (there were more) women, men, and children that went to marches around the world
  3. I just saw DTs tweet regarding the march
  4. And I'm done
  5. I know a tons of people who attended that did vote
  6. And a few voted for trump
  7. Because I think that march wasn't March Against Trump
  8. It was a march to let trump know that every woman in the country will not be silenced and will not have what happens to our bodies decided on by groups of people (men and women in some cases) that sit in a big room and decide what's right and wrong
  9. Trump voters should not be shamed and be told that they don't care what happens to women, the 🏳️‍🌈 community and people who came here for a better life
  10. But trump voters should also understand that we've at least began to accept our president (painfully) but we won't accept rights being taken away