I... Didn't want to go out because last Saturday was a disaster and reminded me that HP is sometimes better than friends who stab you in the back
  1. How is it that he just knows what to say in Parseltongue
    It's open sesame, try to convince me otherwise
  2. I feel like he's always being told not to do things all alone
    And then he does exactly that
  3. I don't know what the word "fuck boy" means entirely. But I'm pretty sure Tom Riddle is one
  4. Creepy chamber? Let's run to Ginny in the middle, laying lifeless
    Not saying he should be selfish and leave, just maybe think before action
  5. Dude comes out of the shadows, hasn't aged in 50 years? Isn't Pail Rudd? Probably shouldn't ask him for help POTTER
  6. "Are you a ghost"
  7. Why the duck do you ask him for help? He just told you she was dying in the most creepy voice ever
  8. I know you're a kid and all but telling someone to give something back won't do shit
  9. Why are you still asking him for help?
  10. Tom, the most important rule of being a villain is to not blab the entire plan in seconds
  11. Now Harry has all the sass
  12. Is no one going to ask if he was mocked for keeping a diary
    Maybe I have one. But it's not for a secret plan
  13. Terrible hand writing
  14. Damn straight Potter
    I still defend Dumbledore in this matter daily
  15. Wait snakes have ears. Or does he mean pick up on sonar vibrations.
    I don't know shit about snakes
  16. Can't make fun of that run because that's likely how I look on the treadmill
  17. Brilliant idea
  18. I always like Toms confidence after I know he's a loser.
  19. That's like me trying to walk through a glass door
    (Snake is currently smacking it's head against the stone head trying to get hp, even if he can't see him. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ how he can hear Harry standing still)
  20. Hello my name is Harry Potta you petrified my friend, no prepare to die
  21. Little drama queen snake
  22. Tom is gonna cry
  23. Back to the girl
  24. Do you think Harry ever held this over Ginny's head?
    Like when she asked to cook dinner he just asked "remember that one time I saved your life from a memory?" And then she just used Jelly Legs Jinx and is a badass mofo?
  25. Tom just lost his pet and small bit of hope but still is cocky af
  26. He's going to be beaten by a child
    Only a tad bit better than being beaten by a baby
  27. Still not a good enough reason to use the word "penetrate"
  28. Don't say "silly little girl" you twat
  29. Kill them Potta!
  30. Honestly one of my favorite effects. The whole light thing
  31. Get used to that feeling young Harry
  32. What a bro, telling her to get out
  33. Pheonix is the real MVP
  34. Lockhart is all of us