Brace yourself
  1. Brownie uniform
    Also clearly rocked overalls
  2. Junior Girl Scout uniform
    I was such a happy pre-teen
  3. Grammar school "jumper"
    Thankfully my ears have not grown with my head
  4. Junior high uniform
    Same hideous plaid from previous picture but in a skirt and a white blouse. Super stylish obviously
  5. Irish dancing parts one and two
    Left: first uniform until my mom was okay with dropping the dough for something less stressful. Right: two Irish dancers you don't want to mess with (if they could breathe in those dresses)
  6. High school uniform
    Yeah that's a white polo, grey SKORT, and knee socks. It's a wonder I didn't get all the boys asking for my number. Usually it was accompanied by a bun on top of my head, not where they normally are. Like Cindy Lou who style on top
  7. Work uniform
    Picture is clearly not of me, but we all wear the same thing... Everyday
  8. Included this so its known how I'd dress if I didn't have a uniform
    Picture from 2007, so please hold your judgements