Mostly because I like to see how much I've accomplished in the long run, because I feel like I'm failing mostly
  1. Sent in 2 resumes, one to a school in Boston, another in Louisville
  2. Unfollowed multiple Facebooks because speaking up usually turned into them twisting my words and making me the bad guy
    They were and are the bad and ignorant people that will likely piss me off in person when I can't filter them out and they'll hear me out
  3. Got a tweet from my favorite cooking show
    Yes, I follow a cooking channel on YouTube and sometimes attempt to make food (fail)
  4. Found a great deal on Tickets to 🇮🇪
  5. Made a list attempting a humble brag
  6. Found a new motto: Sine Metu
    It means "without fear" and I may or may not have learned that because it's the Jameson family motto