1. I honestly don't remember who got my vote because I had a panic attack and blocked it out
  2. But I do know one thing
  3. I went on Facebook to talk to a friend
  4. And all I see are insults
  5. Not insulting trump or Clinton
  6. But other voters
  7. And Also a video of people putting stickers on Susan B Anthony's grave
    My friend went and said waiting in like was 100% worth it
  8. And it made me cry
  9. Because when all those women fought for everyone to vote
  10. They obviously were not thinking about social media
  11. But they did it so everyone had a voice
  12. Everyone had a chance to change something
  13. And no matter how much you support a candidate
  14. And express that support
  15. Attacking others for their ideas is not what those people had in mind
  16. I also made a post on Facebook about these thoughts
  17. Because I can't stay off social media
  18. But I probs should