Inspired by many, not in any order. Mostly just random songs I'd like played at some point
  1. Thumper- The Wedding Band
    @ali_sewalt promised to book the band for my wedding. She'll likely not have to do so, so she's set
  2. January Wedding- the Avett Brothers
    Actually might have a Pinterest board of winter wedding ideas named this...
  3. Forrest Gump theme- Alan Silvestri
    Maybe some walking down the aisle or something idk. I just like the tune
  4. Make You Feel My Love- (Adele Cover)
    All love to Mr Dylan, but I gotta have my Adele fix. Maybe first dance
  5. Just Fishin'- Trace Adkins
    Father daughter dance maybe. Because he used to take me fishing a lot and I loved that time with him (also Butterfly Kisses makes me cry too much)
  6. You Should Be Here- Cole Swindel
    This song might not make me cry as much by the time I get married (if I get married) but I really like the song and the message.
  7. Little Things- one direction
    It's happening no matter what
  8. Something - The Beatles
    Gotta have some British Mania in there
  9. Ghosts That We Knew- Mumford and Sons
    Too slightly sad? Probably
  10. All My Mistakes- the Avett Brothers
    "Cause all my mistakes, they brought me to you" is probably one of the most beautiful lyrics ever
  11. Such Great Heights- Iron & Wine
    Gonna be real, didn't know it was one dude until I saw him in concert because of all the feels I get, couldn't blame it on a single person