1. 7:05 decided I didn't need a lunch because I only was teaching until 11:30
  2. 7:15 am: stubbed two twos by walking into a wall
    I do that a lot but never injure my toes
  3. 7:30am: looked in the mirror and realized my hair doesn't take falling asleep on wet hair well
  4. 8:00 had a lovely start to subbing when the guy left no plans
    I found them eventually but his room was chaos
  5. 11:15am: was asked (begged) to stay for the afternoon
    This was on an empty stomach and I was hangry but they let me leave to pick up food across the street
  6. 3:00pm a boy asked why fourth graders were already in relationships and then looked at me and said dating is for people my age
    Partly okay because that means he knows I'm not 40. But bad because I'm not dating and clearly should be according to a fourth grader
  7. 4:10 writing this while also longing to go back to bed but have job #2
  8. 5-9 working at a garden show but gonna try to look good because landscapers are hella fine
  9. Anyway it's almost Friday
  10. Oh and I get a notification when one of my players is injured and this is what I got today