Inspired by @sarahgorman
  1. When I meet all of them they must say their corniest pick up lines. Ones that make too much sense or not corny enough are eliminated *unless they make a sarcastic comment before their time is up*
  2. Whoever is not a personal trainer wins a rose
    Let's face it, at least 5 will be personal trainers
  3. It will mostly be set in my home town because I'm not sleeping in a hotel for weeks on end.
  4. First date: hike through the gorges of Letchworth State Park. And when I get tired and one of them offers to carry me on their back, they get a sarcastic comment and I'm the running for a rose
  5. Second date: Niagara Falls. It's a nice cliché type date and we could chat. And also practice to recreate The Office wedding scene when the winner and I get hitched
  6. One on one dates with a few people: hockey game. Any game will do. They have to see me when I'm at my best ( shouting at people with a beer in my hands). They all get roses if they don't leave because of embarassment
  7. Also side note: if I were ever a bachelorette, you better believe I'd hand out roses like I was Oprah friggin Winfrey
  8. Home town visits: I'd see if the families wouldn't hate me being in their family. And have them take me to a few places they loved growing up
  9. Last date before eliminations: trip around Ireland. Mostly because when Kaitlyn went I decided that was the only reason I'd participate in a show. For free trips. Because I'm cheap. Also I think that it'd be a nice setting for me to decide who gets roses
  10. I'd hand out the last rose and hope that he could deal with me enough to just ask me to marry him for the sake of not being mortified on live television
  11. And hopefully he'd learn to love me without cameras around or my constant need to be normal