1. The first time I heard Mumford and Sons, I was driving to school with my brother my freshman year of college
    We went to colleges about 20 minutes away from each other so I hitched a ride a few times.
  2. And this band he puts on is amazing. The lyrics. The sound. Everything.
  3. I couldn't just ask him who it was, so I remembered some of the lyrics.
    If I am remembering correctly it was "but it was not your fault but mine" because it had a curse word after and those are easy to pick out
  4. So I got to my dorm and googled it as soon as I sat down.
  5. I listened to a couple more songs
  6. And that's it
  7. I was hooked.
  8. I bought their CD, made friends listen to it.
  9. When we drove home for a holiday of some kind, I sang along quietly as he did. But eventually he told me how he found them and who else I should listen to if I liked them
    That was the most we'd talked haha
  10. So that was probably September.
  11. In October, he passed away
  12. It was life changing to say the least, because I'd never said goodbye or anything
  13. But I had that Mumford conversation to hold on to.
  14. And the music helped me through the upcoming months.
  15. A year later my mom, a few of Robbie's friends, and some family went to see them in Canada.
  16. It was a big deal, I skipped classes to go, I played sick to get out of work, it was huge.
  17. It was probably one of the best experiences of my life and I definitely cried
  18. And then I met some awesome people through the band, and I even met their old fiddle player.
  19. Throughout the past few years, they've brought me back from bad places a whole lot of times
  20. And sometimes when I'm in the car and having a crappy day, they're magically playing on the alternative station here in buffalo.
  21. So that's why they're my favorite
  22. Giphy