1. If you were still here:
  2. I'd be more willing to let people in my life
  3. I probably would tell you I had a crush on your friends just to make you mad
  4. I'd only be celebrating in February
  5. October would still be my favorite month of the year
  6. I wouldn't have to hesitate when people ask me how many siblings I have
  7. The holidays would still be a time of family instead of a reminder there's something missing
  8. Sarah would have another groomsmen next year
  9. I'd have someone to protect me
  10. I'd have someone to ask about the future
  11. You'd probably be my roommate
  12. You'd be married by now and I could call Brenna my sister and not sound like a weirdo
  13. I wouldn't live each day like it's my last
  14. I wouldn't stop to appreciate everything in my life as often as I do
  15. And mostly.
  16. I wouldn't feel like there's a part missing.
  17. Or struggle to remember the happy times that I can hold on to
  18. I would have a drinking buddy
  19. I wouldn't have filled the last 6 years with happy memories and travel
  20. I miss you Bro Montana
  21. Static