1. These kids come to school during the summer and have a blast
  2. We don't have to follow a whole lot of standards
    Disclaimer: I'm neutral on common core, but when it comes to these kids, they're super smart and awesome but do they really need to be learning 4 different ways to multiply when sometimes they struggle to tell me what month it is?
  3. They (for the most part) have a smile on their face everyday
    Even on Mondays
  4. They've been given kind of a tough life, and they don't let it get in their way
    I love these kids, but sometimes you can see the frustration when they can't tell you what they want, thank goodness for communication devices and apps on iPads
  5. When I walk in the door, I'm usually mad because I'm waking up at 6 on a summer day and then spending it inside, but I see my student's smile and he just makes it all worth it
  6. We get to watch Signing Time and I am learning so much sign language I can't even handle it
  7. Also a plus: cute PE teacher who has two adorable girls and who also called me Donald Duck all day
    My student needs an extra gym day, so I'm pretty sure my student and I get a one on one day with him tomorrow 👍🏻